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learn how to control contact form7 spam for free without installing a single plugin.

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Why Control Spam?
The main reason why we take the initiative to control spam is we are able to distinguish between a computer or bot or system that sends an automated message to your mail using your form versus a message sent to you from a human being using your form.

Here are two ways we can control spam from you contact form 7 without using a plugin:
1. Using a math Quiz sample:
[quiz math-quiz “12+48=?|60”]

one must answer the correct way for the form to be submitted otherwise form will show an error. For re stance our answer here is “60”

2. The use of question and answer, sample:
[quiz capital-quiz “The capital of Japan?|Tokyo”

The sample provided is a capital quiz, one must give the correct answer for the form to be submitted. our answer for our quiz is “Tokyo”
You are allowed to user more than one quiz and combine them to create a random- quiz
Follow attached YouTube tutorial for more.

Conclusion In summary

Features added:
Control contact form7 spam without adding a plugin.

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