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Customizing Your WooCommerce Checkout: Removing Coupon Fields

Want more control over how your WooCommerce store handles coupons? This handy code snippet lets you selectively remove or hide coupon fields on specific pages, perfect for streamlining the checkout process or tailoring promotions.

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How It Works:

The code snippet we’ve provided has been thoroughly tested and confirmed to work as expected. It achieves its functionality by adding two clever functions:

  1. woo_remove_coupon_code_cart_field(): This function acts as a gatekeeper for coupons on your cart page. It checks if the user is currently viewing the cart (using the is_cart()) function. If they are, the function effectively disables coupons by setting the $enabled variable to false. This means the coupon code field won’t be displayed on the cart page.

  2. woo_hide_coupon_field_on_woocommerce_checkout(): This function focuses on the checkout page. Similar to the first function, it checks if the user is on the checkout page (using is_checkout()). If they are, the function hides the coupon code field by setting the $enabled variable to false. This prevents the coupon field from showing up on the checkout page.

Both functions achieve their magic by hooking into a WooCommerce filter named woocommerce_coupons_enabled. This filter essentially controls whether or not coupon functionality is enabled. Our functions tap into this filter and apply their logic to selectively disable coupons based on the current page being viewed.


  1.  use code snippet plugin
  2. Paste the code snippet into the file.
  3. Save the changes.


  • Back up your website before making any code modifications.
  • Test thoroughly to ensure proper functionality and compatibility with your themes and plugins.
  • Seek professional assistance if you’re unsure about code implementation. email

Additional Tips:

  • Tailor the code: Modify the functions to adjust coupon visibility on other pages as needed.
  • Combine with other customizations: Integrate this snippet with other code adjustments for a fully customized checkout experience.
  • Explore custom plugins: If you’re uncomfortable with code, consider plugins that offer similar functionality with user-friendly interfaces.

By effectively managing coupon visibility, you can create a more tailored and efficient checkout process for your shoppers!

Conclusion In summary

In conclusion, this code snippet empowers you to customize your WooCommerce checkout by selectively removing or hiding coupon code fields. This offers several benefits:

  • Streamlined Checkout: By removing unnecessary fields, you can simplify the checkout process for your customers.
  • Targeted Promotions: Hiding coupon fields allows you to control where promotions are offered, potentially making them more impactful.
  • Free and Easy Implementation: The provided code snippet is free to use (GPL license) and requires minimal effort to install.

For a smooth experience, remember to back up your site and test thoroughly before making changes. If you’re not comfortable with code, consider exploring user-friendly plugins that offer similar functionalities.


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