How to Allow WordPress WooCommerce Direct Order to WhatsApp Free.

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In this tutorial you will learn How to Allow WordPress WhatsApp Direct Order to WhatsApp For Free use code snippet.

Many businesses are leveraging messaging apps like WhatsApp for customer engagement. This tutorial focuses on enhancing your WooCommerce product pages by adding a “WhatsApp Order” button. This button, triggered by a custom checkbox, allows customers to initiate orders via WhatsApp for selected products.

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Here are The features you are going to get when you use the code.


  • Custom Checkbox: Integrate a custom checkbox in the product edit page, enabling store owners to decide which products support WhatsApp ordering.
  • WhatsApp Number Field: Provide a dedicated field to enter the WhatsApp number associated with each product.
  • Dynamic WhatsApp Button: Display a dynamic “WhatsApp Order” button on product pages for items marked with the custom checkbox. The button includes an icon, product details, and a link to initiate a WhatsApp conversation.


The tutorial includes step-by-step instructions for implementing these features. From adding custom fields in the product editor to modifying the product template and styling the WhatsApp button, each aspect is covered in details. Attached Youtube tutorial will illustrate well how you can configure the code

Code Customization

The provided code is thoroughly explained and can be customized to match your store’s design and preferences. Feel free to adapt the CSS styles, change the checkbox name, or modify the WhatsApp message content.

By the end of this tutorial, your WooCommerce store will offer an enhanced shopping experience, combining the power of eCommerce with the convenience of WhatsApp orderin

Conclusion In summary

Summary and Conclusion:

To enhance your WooCommerce store, consider integrating a WhatsApp ordering feature. This tutorial guides you through adding a custom checkbox and WhatsApp number field to product pages, allowing selective activation of WhatsApp ordering.

The process involves modifying the product template to dynamically display a “WhatsApp Order” button when the checkbox is selected. This facilitates direct communication and provides essential product details, streamlining the ordering process.

The tutorial emphasizes prerequisites, ensuring your WordPress website is ready. Adapt the code, modify styles, and personalize the WhatsApp message for a tailored approach to your brand.

Implementing this feature not only offers a modern channel for customer interaction but also potentially boosts conversion rates and customer satisfaction. Embrace eCommerce and instant messaging for a personalized shopping experience.

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